Eurodek® Raised Access Floors

Eurodek® Raised Access Floors present the ideal solution to the ever increasing demands of modern interior fit-out projects in today’s fast paced environment.

Eurodek® Raised Access Floors

Eurodek® Raised Access Floors

The development of technology and changes in customer requirements means a versatile and high performance solution is required. Eurodek’s Raised Access Floor solutions facilitate the delivery of power, telecoms, data and other services precisely where required and facilitate easy re-configuration of interiors.

A perfect platform for business, Eurodek’s Raised Access floors are designed to meet the most demanding of new build or refurbishment briefs, providing a cost effective and flexible solution. Whether used for commercial offices, hospitals, IT suites or reception areas, there is a Eurodek® Raised Access Flooring System product to satisfy any project.

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